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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Creatively Speaking: Regular Readers Will Have Guessed It!

I'm still planning my latest novel idea out... but this week a new character has appeared so I've now got to go back and alter my synopsis.

And I've got to decide whether or not she is going to end up being a nice character or a nasty character... I'm in two minds at the moment. I know how she fits in to the story but what her fate is I am not sure of right now.

Otherwise this week I have been doodling and doing more work on Alice's apron.

 I have drawn in a line in permanent marker (you can just see it) however due to the nature of the fabric (faux leather) I'm not sure if the marker will in fact be permanent so I'm sewing in a line over over the top.

I intend to add the symbols in the same way.

The tail pieces will be done in a similar way, with the line round the edge however the tail pieces don't have the symbols but have a row of eyelets instead.

Til next week...

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Creatively Speaking: The Apron Continues

So continues the planning writing wise (I'm actually quite enjoying building up my character bibles now) and so too continues the apron making.

This week I've made my waistband and looked up what the symbols are on Alice's apron (apparently they are Mercury and Saturn - each dress in Alice Madness Returns has an apron with different symbols).

I've also done some research on yet another possible cosplay costume (Elizabeth from the game Bioshock Infinite). Although I have dropped a costume from my list. After the Alice dress my list also included Grell Sutcliff, Grell as the Cheshire Cat and Alois Trancy. But I decided to drop Grell as the Cheshire Cat from the list... and then promptly added Elizabeth. Oh well.

I've started drawing yet another mandala (it's quite therapeutic) shortened some necklaces (the chain on almost every necklace I buy is too long for my taste).

And then one day this week I painted my nails...

Ignore the streaks of green you might be able to see peeking through the beigey colour. I originally painted them a light green but then I didn't like it so I went over them. And I thought whilst I was painting them I'd be creative and add some leopard print.

How has your week been creatively speaking?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Creatively Speaking: On To The Apron

Well this week I've continued planning my latest novel... I think that has become a given now.

And I started out the week by finishing off the birthday card I started last week.

The rest of the week has been spent coming up with some sort of pattern for the apron for my steam dress.

Because even though I have already worn the dress like I mentioned last week I still want to finish off the accessories so it is a full cosplay outfit.

Which is where the pattern for the apron comes in.

Cue very bad photograph...

I know it doesn't look like much right now.

The top too long pieces are going to be the tails and the bottom long piece is the waist band. Although I'm using faux leather for the main apron and tail pieces I'm going to make the waistband out of a lighter fabric. This is because this apron will be worn with a corset over the top and I figured I'd melt marginally less if the waistband wasn't faux leather.

The main apron and the tails will stick out from under the corset but you won't be able to see the waistband.

I've also spent a bit of time research the best way to paint/draw on faux leather as Alice's steam dress apron has symbols on it.

Looking at it I've got a bit of trial and error coming my way.

How has your week been creatively speaking?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Creatively Speaking - The Goggles Are Over & Done With

So this week I finally finished my goggles. The event I needed them for was yesterday so just in the nick of time.

I will be posting a full post on how I made them (like I did with my top hat) at some point in the near(ish) future.

Then other things I've done this week is cut a pair of jeans down in to shorts (it has been insanely hot during the last week in the UK - insanely hot for the UK anyway) and then adjusted round the waist another pair of shorts that I already had, in the same way I mentioned in this post.

And then I have started making a birthday card and sifting through the bags of clothes that I have been meaning to adjust or make something out of for literally years.

So still being creative every day but not too busy like other weeks have been.

And then writing wise it has been more of the Snowflake Method.Which I'm not too far off the end game now (which would be the actual writing of the novel).

I've just finished my four page synopsis... which comes in at just over three pages in my case but whatever. And I have nearly finished my character bibles...

So I'm nearly up to step eight of ten.

How was your week?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

NaNoWriMo Countdown

Hear ye, hear ye... there are now only
122 Days

to go until the start of NaNoWriMo 2015!