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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Creatively Speaking: Keeping It Short

This is probably going to be the shortest Creatively Speaking post ever.

Because although I have done something creative and something writing related every day this week it has only totaled three different things.

Writing: The Kick Ass Writer and Snowflake Method as ever

Creative: I've been sewing stripes on to my dress... note for future self if I ever want to make a striped cosplay dress again - try harder to find striped fabric in colours I need. Because this is a pain to do. I did try at first using a sewing machine to sew the stripes on but it was a bit fiddly so I have been sewing them on by hand - once I've finished the stripe I'm currently on there's only another eight to go - woohoo!

Til next week...

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Express Yourself: Food

Express Yourself is a weekly meme hosted by Entertaining Interests and Bouquet of Books.

Basically at the beginning of every month the hosts, Dani and Jackie, post a list of what that month's subjects/questions will be.

Then sometime during each week you post about that subject. To sign up/for more information click here.

This week's subject: Name a few things you like to eat whilst writing

I try not to eat that much when I'm writing (unless it's a particularly long writing session) as it means I have to leave the computer and then my momentum will have gone but when I do it tends to be things like popcorn. Or Pringles. Or Haribo sweets :)

Yes only the healthiest of foods will do for me when I'm writing ;)

What sort of thing do you like to eat whilst you write?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Creatively Speaking: Bits and Bobs

Well this week I've done somethings that are the same as usual and some things that are different.

As ever writing wise it has been more of The Kick Ass Writer and Snowflake Method.

And I've been continuing with the making of the Steam dress - I've put the ruffle round the neck however having done that I've realised that the ruffle around the bottom hem now isn't ruffley enough. So I've taken that off so I can do it again.

I've also been doodling again... but this week I've done some actual sketching... yes actual sketching. Now it's not that I don't class the doodling as actual drawing because I do it's just doodling to me is like stream of consciousness writing, no so much planned and more whatever comes out of my head.

I think the reason I haven't done a lot of sketching recently is because I have this thing where I picture what I want something to look like and I really want it to look like that immediately. It's a habit I'm trying to train myself out of and I think the doodling is helping. It doesn't have to be perfect right away. Much like a first draft it can be complete crap.

This is something that I've also been reminded of whilst watching a YouTube video this week by Humble The Poet about failure.

And lastly this week I got a couple of new Sizzix dies to make flip-it cards... so I just had to have a play with them as soon as they arrived. :)

Yes I did manage to remember to take a photo!
 Have you tried anything new creative wise this week?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Creatively Speaking: Not A Lot To Report

Now don't let the title fool you in to thinking I've fallen off the creative wagon because I haven't. I have still been creative every day this week. And writing wise it has once again been The Kick Ass Writer and Snowflake Method (although I'm coming to the end of The Kick Ass Writer so I'll be changing my writing reading material soon).

But I've only really worked on 2 projects this week otherwise. Well technically 3 but 1 of the projects stemmed from another.

I've done a bit more of my dress I've been working on these last few weeks (and looking at it more weeks to come) and I've turned a dress in to a top. I didn't really like it as a dress so I lopped about 8 inches off the bottom of it, hemmed it and ta-da I now have a top.

And that is where the mystical 3rd project came in. I used some of the fabric I cut off the bottom of the dress to make a headband. I used this tutorial to do it. And it's got me looking at other scraps of fabric in terms of headbands :)

So not a particularly busy week but a creative one non the less.

What creative things have you been up to this week?

Friday, 15 May 2015

Express Yourself: Achievements

Express Yourself is a weekly meme hosted by Entertaining Interests and Bouquet of Books.

Basically at the beginning of every month the hosts, Dani and Jackie, post a list of what that month's subjects/questions will be.

Then sometime during each week you post about that subject. To sign up/for more information click here.

After being on a hiatus during April for the A To Z Challenge Express Yourself is back. And I know prior to April I usually posted my Express Yourself posts on a Wednesday but I've had a hard time getting back in to the swing of my blogging schedule after the madness that is A To Z.

But better late than never...

This week's subject is: We are 1/3 of the way through the year. Name something you have achieved thus far.

Well other than completing A To Z again (yay!) one of my achievements so far this year is, as promised, I have done something creative every single day. Even last week when I had a cold I still drew a bit.

And from the beginning of March I have done something writing related every day, even if it was just reading a bit of a book about writing.

What are your achievements so far this year?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Creatively Speaking: Next Step

Again this week I've been reading The Kick Ass Writer however when it comes to the Snowflake Method I've now moved on to step 6.

I got myself in a bit of a muddle when it came to my story's world mid week. You see I suddenly realised that some of my bad guys were stereotypical bad guys. But after churning my brains around for a bit whilst I ummed and aahed about whether to change my bad guys and good guys round a bit I realised that these days this particular type of person is not always seen as a bad guy in literature or on TV these days. So I'm still a little unsure what to do but for now I think I'll stick with how it was originally.

So there was that.

On the Steam dress front the main base of the dress itself is finished - I'm now on to the ruffles on the bottom hem and the neck line... but I do still have quite a way to go (and true to form I don't have a photo!).

Other than my dress the only other things I've worked on this week was a couple of doodles and an idea for a painting.

The doodles were mainly confined to the days this week when I was ill... and really didn't want to do anything but by doodling (it's another mandala I'm working on) I continued to be creative every day despite having a cold.

How has your creative week been?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Creatively Speaking: Too Many Costumes, Too Few Events

So, as ever writing wise, this was more of The Kick Ass Writer and the Snowflake Method - so no change there then.

With regards to other creative outputs I have cross stitched, doodled, sewn some more of my dress and done some research for possible cosplays.

Which is where I've hit a snag... well not a snag as such... it's just I have more costumes I want to make than events to go to - as my sister said I've been infected with "cosplayism".

So the dress that I mentioned above is for a cosplay that I will be adapting for a steampunk event. Which is Alice's Steam dress from the video game Alice: Madness Returns.

But then I now want to create three costumes from the manga/anime Black Butler.

The first I decided I wanted to create was Grell Sutcliff. He is my favourite character after all. I'd even get to make myself a chainsaw! (out of cardboard of course)

Then I decided I wanted to create Alois Trancy. Now I don't actually like the character of Alois. He is a very strange individual and I'm not overly keen on him as a character but I thought it would be fun to cosplay as him.

And then after watching the special Black Butler episodes - Ciel In Wonderland - I decided I also wanted to create the Cheshire Cat version of Grell Sutcliff.

But I don't really have events to go in these costumes right now. But I've still been listing everything I would need to buy and make for such costumes.

The problems of a creative cosplayer!

Til next week...

Friday, 1 May 2015