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Friday, 19 September 2014

My Stock Take Of Art Supplies

Well I finally managed to sift through all the crap in and around my desk and... well it turns out I had a lot more art stuff than I first thought. Some of which I actually have no idea how I'm going to use it yet.

So let's dive straight in shall we? In no order whatsoever:

Mixing palettes - 4
Boxes of sequin/shiny star type things - 3
Notebooks/pads of paper - 33 (various sizes)
Dress patterns - 3
Packs of stickers - 3 (various types)
Sheet of wrapping paper - 1
Sketch pads - 19 (various sizes/types)
Manuscript - 1
Canvas boards - 2
Tubes of acrylic paint - 51 (various sizes)
Rolls of tape - 20 (various types)
Pot of glitter - 1
Glue - 6 (various types)
Glitter glue - 3
Acrylic medium - 1
Tester pots - 6 (various sizes)
Hobby wire - 1
Ruler - 1
Vorpal Blade - 1 :)
Bag of ring pulls for craft project - 
Pencil sharpener - 1
Sticky notes - 5
Pack of wooden keys - 1 (don't know what to use these for yet)
Table easel - 1
Sponge - 1
Bags of ribbons - 3
Tubes of oil paint - 25 (various sizes)
Watercolour pencils that look like they've been run over by a bus - 21
Pack of foam flower/butterflies - 1
Sticky back plastic - 1
Hairspray that I didn't like for my hair but thought it would be good for sealing drawings - 3
Writers & Artists Yearbook 2008(!) - 1
Writing reference books - 18
General reference books - 3
Packs of pens - 4
Notebooks/folders full of research - 6
Watercolour paper pad - 2
Pack of polymer clay - 1
Packs of watercolour pencils - 2
Tin of random pens/pencils - 2
Pencil cases full of random pens/pencils - 2
Packs of pencils - 13 (various types)
Packs of markers - 3
Tub of gesso - 1
Packs of coloured pencils - 3
Jewellery pliers - 1
Enamel spray paint - 1
Tubes of watercolour - 74 (various sizes)
Packs of wooden cogs - 2 (also haven't decided what to use these for)
Foam sheet - 1
Art reference books - 5
Pack of pastels - 1
Paintbrush drying rack thing - 1
Brush cleaner/preserver - 1

And too many brushes and random other pens to mention so...

this photo is already out of date - I've since found another 3 packs of brushes

So as you can see not much in the way of art supplies ;) And congratulations if you have managed to read the whole thing :)

Do you have too many art supplies... if there is such a thing as too many?

Friday, 5 September 2014

I Was Stagnating...

You may remember (a long time ago) that I mentioned making some wall art. Well I started it... and then it sat on my desk easel for a while. Then I did a bit more to it... and it still wasn't right... so it sat there some more... and some more.

And I realised the other day that the painting sitting there staring at me day in, day out was a) not going to get it finished and b) was preventing me from using my desk for other creative things.

So I decided to drag myself out of the gloop and clear my desk (cos to be honest the desk easel wasn't the only problem).

So I've wrapped the painting in newspaper and put it to one side for now with the desk easel. And then I was pondering doing a sort of art supply stock take and possibly moving my desk. This will also help me get rid of some of the crap I'm hoarding. For example I mentioned I was going to make a top hat? Well I'm still going to make a top hat, and I've been saving cardboard for it. But I've realised that I've saved enough card board to make most of my family a top hat each. And then I lost that initial buzz and the tidying slowed dramatically.

So anyway, on a side note, I get inspired to get on and do stuff by random things. For example, if I watch Legally Blonde, I get inspired to get on with stuff at that bit when she decides to knuckle down and show them all that she isn't some dumb blonde like they all think she is (when she buys the orange laptop whilst dressed as a bunny girl).

Well recently I've been watching Superwoman's daily vlogs and on one of them (two of them actually but I'm mainly talking about one) Superwoman went to the YouTube Space in Los Angeles... (she gets there at about 1.07)

And in the YouTube space Superwoman used an editing suite. And a recording studio and all kinds of stuff, and even though I don't make YouTube videos (mainly because I don't like the sound of my own voice) I felt really inspired to get my behind in gear. So after talking myself out of rearranging the entire room and just sticking with the desk I was all like...

I hope to show you the results soon... if I can find my camera... (hence me not showing you a before photo)

Monday, 1 September 2014

NaNoWriMo Countdown

I came so very, very, very close to completely forgetting to post this.

But here are now only 


 to go until the start of NaNoWriMo 2014… and I’ve no idea if I’ll be prepared or not.