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Friday, 18 April 2014

Pulling My Hair Out For Social Media!


I've got various different creative projects in the pipeline - steampunk goggles, top hats, wall art, that I am going to post about when I actually get on with said projects.

But today I thought I'd tell you about the creative ideas I've come up with for destroying a laptop and then the router whilst trying to sort stuff out on the internet.

Now a while ago those of you who use blogger and/or YouTube and/or Google (although if you use either of the first 2 you use Google) will have got some sort of message practically demanding that you link everything together and put it all under the same name.

Now me being the sensible (read moronic) person that I am declined the invitation to link everything up - I had no use for Google+ so why should I? (this was a stupid decision as you will soon discover)

But regardless of whether you linked everything or not you still ended up with Google+.

So I was on YouTube and when you post comments they appear on your Google+ page now (they may appear somewhere else aswell but if the do I haven't worked out where). So I went on my Google+ page and saw all these comments I'd posted. And previously I'd faffed with the background and description etc (just because Google+ emailed me about it occasionally).

And I thought actually yes it would be good to have my blog posts appear on here too. (bad decision)

So I came here to blogger and tried to link it but due to my previous 'no I don't want to link it all together' decision it would only link it to a page that had been set up specifically for my blogger account.

So I looked up how to change pages - should be simple enough don't you think?

Well you can change pages but you have to do it by adding another 'author' to blogger. But my YouTube and blogger accounts come from the same email address.

So I changed the email address for blogger... which changed it for YouTube as well... so I changed it back.

So I thought maybe I can link them together or merge them or something rather than switch completely - I looked that up and it looks like it is possible but you have to apply to do it and then it takes between 48 hours and a year. Then I contemplated getting rid of my YouTube account and starting another one linked to the blogger one. And then internet connection was running at 1/2 a millimetre a day and then I slammed by laptop in frustration and stormed off.

So I decided that I'll just have to have 2 Google+ pages - 1 linked to YouTube and 1 to blogger.

And then...

Then I prepared this post moaning and groaning about Google+. I scheduled it and went to check that it would post on Google+ page only to discover that both pages come up on blogger - BOTH PAGES!! Where was that little snippet of info when I needed it?

So if you are still reading this after all that what I'm trying to say is I now have Google+ linked to blogger which I can post my blog posts from both of my blogs after they've gone up.

Here endeth the rant!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014