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Friday, 24 January 2014

Creatively Speaking - Sketching

So one of my New Year resolutions was to sketch more. So I'm trying to promote that by having sketch pads all over the place.

The trouble I find is (much like writing) I'm impatient to get to the finished product even though I know that it takes time and effort - it won't be perfect immediately (but I want it to be!).

Another way I'm trying to encourage myself to draw is by checking the prompts on Sketch Daily - where they post a theme each day.

I discovered this when it was mentioned on a video by Peter Draws.

Which is another way I get the creative juices flowing - by watching other people draw and sketch.

So here are some other drawing/sketching YouTubers I watch (some of them I may have mentioned before and some of them also make videos on things besides drawing):


Marcello Barenghi

Heather Rooney


Mark Crilley

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Return Of Weekly Writing

It's here!

The return of Weekly Writing... finally.

I've struggled to get back in to a routine since Christmas and New Year (Plus there are a lot of very good and highly distracting video games out there).

(Plus I've been redecorating)

To be honest I haven't felt compelled to write for a while, or edit... I even had a brief moment a couple of weeks ago when I thought about giving up writing completely... but like I said it was only a brief moment - it soon passed.

But in the last week the cogs have been a-turning. 

And I've been coming up with ideas which I've been writing down in mind map form. I've found that if I write the ideas down that way then I don't end up with a million pieces of paper all with two words on (words that I  no longer know what they mean).

Plus I can add to them later - I've even been colour coding them so I know which bits I think will work, which bits I'm not sure on and bits that I don't think will work anymore.

It's a simple concept I know - but it appears to be working for me.

How is your post New Year creativity going?

Friday, 10 January 2014

Kinda Creative

I'm still kind of getting back in to the swing of things after Christmas.

I still have crap everywhere that I need to tidy up and the only creative thing I'm doing at the moment is painting one wall and the woodwork in my bedroom.

Yes in my infinite wisdom I have decided to paint one of the walls a colour that doesn't go with the current woodwork colour. Which means I have to change the woodwork colour.

And what sort of woodwork is there? Doors, windowsills, door frames and skirting boards.

Yes skirting boards... that run around the edge of the room, near the floor, where the furniture hangs out.

So I've got to shift furniture, not just away from the wall I'm painting but anywhere there is woodwork... so all perimeter furniture.

But it's kind of creative... right?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014