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Friday, 30 November 2012

Weekly Writing - The End Is Nigh!

NaNoWriMo 2012 comes to an end tonight - if you've hit 50,000 words and haven't verified it yet then go and do it now!

So here are my word counts for the final week:

Day 24: 1109
Day 25: 1077
Day 26: 2212
Day 27: 2109
Day 28: 2007
Day 29: 2038

Week total: 10552

Grand total: 50,222 words

Yes I made it! With a day to spare. But my story isn't over yet so I'm going to continue until it's finished... but I thought I'd have a break today.

And even though it's a bit late for being unable to start writing this week on Copyblogger there were 6 Tips for Beating the Blank Page.

See you next week.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Weekly Writing o.O

Here we are about to enter the last weekend of NaNoWriMo 2012.

And I'm surprised to find I'm still keeping up. In fact I'm even a little bit ahead.

Day 17: 1298
Day 18: 1852
Day 19: 1820
Day 20: 2002
Day 21: 1917
Day 22: 1906
Day 23: 1759

Week total: 12554 words

Grand total: 39670 words

And it is looking as though my story will actually go beyond the 50,000 word target... for a change. The last couple of years I've had to really stretch my plot to get to 50,000. So I may have to extend this whole writing 1667 words a day thing in to December - I don't want to stop and ruin my momentum... I might never get my first draft finished if I do.

I'm learning one or two things about my characters as well. My MC for one - at the beginning she was this fairly naive and trusting woman. Now it turns out that was all a fa├žade. Turns out she's on no ones side but her own and she's keeping her cards close to her chest.

And one of my secondary characters - it turns out she's quite the b*tch.

I'm trying really hard to keep my inner editor shut in its box - it can't come out to play until the first draft is finished... and then it has to wait at least a month before it can advance on its prey.

And now for some writing advice from Ian Fleming... no I'm not joking. Over on The Kill Zone P. J. Parrish posted about writing thrillers and he's also posted an essay by the creator of James Bond himself.

This time next week will be fast approaching the end of this year's NaNoWriMo and then just after that I can start the countdown to next years!

Keep at it - it doesn't matter if you reach 50,000 or not... just so long as you've got more words than you started with you've done well!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Weekly Writing - Past The Half Way Mark

Altogether now!

Oh-woh we're halfway there,
Oh-woh living on a prayer,
Take my hand and we'll make it I swear.
Oh-woh living on a prayer.

OK so the NaNoWriMo halfway point was yesterday but you get the point...

Here are my word counts for the week:

Day 10: 1653
Day 11: 1512
Day 12: 1610
Day 13: 1779
Day 14: 1674
Day 15: 1745
Day 16: 1760

Week Total: 11733

Grand Total: 27116 words

So I'm still keeping up. Somehow I'm actually ever so slightly ahead... last year I was about 5000 words behind at this point.

I'm actually trying to work out now whose going to die. I mean obviously at least some of the bad guys will die. But I think one of the good guys will have to go too. And I'm trying to decide whether one of my characters will be good guy turn traitor or bad guy turned good. No one really knows what to make of him just now.

And in case you are stuck with your story Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds has 25 Ways To Unstick A Stuck Story

Friday, 9 November 2012

Weekly Writing - How Did That Happen?

So here we are on day nine of NaNoWriMo and here are my word counts for the week:

Day 3: 1330
Day 4: 2241
Day 5: 1731
Day 6: 1785
Day 7: 2017
Day 8: 1776
Day 9: 1757

Week total: 12637

Grand total: 15383 words

Now by the end of today I should be at 15000 words. But wait a minute, what is this? I'm at 15383 words! I'm actually managing to keep up! Who'd have thought it?

This time last year I was about 3500 words behind. And I didn't even remotely catch up until the last few days of November.

In celebration I'll spoil you with two links and a video.

We have two posts from Chuck Wendig - Battle Song Of The Storyteller and 25 Motivational Thoughts For Writers

And now for the video - I posted this during NaNoWriMo last year... but I just have to share it with you again - it's I Am The Very Model Of A Wrimo Individual!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Weekly Writing - NaNoWriMo Day 2

NaNoWriMo has begun!

So we are approaching the end of day two. And yeah I am a little behind on my word count already.

And I am here today to share my excuses with you.

But first I must give you my word counts for days 1 and 2:

Day 1: 836 words
Day 2: 1910 words

Week total: 2746 words

So as you can see I only got half my word count target yesterday. And although I did more than the word count target for today I am still behind.

So now excuses:

Day 1: It was my sister's 21st birthday. She lives about 80 miles away and she had come to visit for the day. I think I did well to get an words at all yesterday.

Day 2: I wrote a smidgen in the morning. Then in the afternoon I went to see Skyfall - it's a really good film. There were a lot of James Bond themed adverts on before it though which were a tad annoying.
So I wrote the bulk of my 1910 words after my tea when I got home.
Speaking of upcoming films I would just like to point out to any one who is going to go and see Jack Reacher but who hasn't read the books. The Jack Reacher in the books is 6'5". The Jack Reacher in the film is being played by Tom Cruise. Do you see the problem? The film looks like it will be good... but I'll have Reacher's height and weight running through my head throughout the entire thing. I've also noticed differences from the book it's based on from the trailer so I don't know if I'll go and see it.

Minor rant over and done with.

I haven't got much else planned for November except for writing so hopefully I should catch up soon.

The second day in though and my story is already evolving. But I'm not sure which way to go so the story is already swerving around all over the place. Good job this is only a first draft. It is going to be a complete tangly mess by the 30th November - I just know it.

And it is only day 2 and I am already loosing the ability to type. I end up typing at such a speed that the letters come out all jumbled up. The squiggly red lines of the spell checker have not begun to irritate me yet though - but it will... oh I know it will!

Thursday, 1 November 2012