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Friday, 25 November 2011

Weekly Writing - Just A Quick Post

Can't stop long because although I don't usually write on a Friday I am today.

Because I know that if I don't write today I'm really going to struggle to hit 50,000 words by Wednesday - this is the last weekend for NaNoWriMo 2011 - AARGH!!!!!

So word counts:

Friday 18th: 0
Saturday 19th: 2866
Sunday 20th: 2189
Monday 21st: 1815
Tuesday 22nd: 2190
Wednesday 23rd: 1005
Thursday 24th: 2281

Total for week: 12346

Grand Total: 35,500 words

Just 14,500 words to go - I best get on with it!

Bye for now

Friday, 18 November 2011

Weekly Writing: My Story Wants To Do It's Own Thing!

This week has seen my story desperately trying to go off on it's own.

"Let it!" I hear you cry.

Well I'm trying to work out how to let it do it's own thing. I started NaNoWriMo this year not really having a plot. And now that I have a bit of an idea for where it's going I'm wondering how to get from where I am to where it's going.


The only thing I can think of is that this event that I want to write won't be the end of the story. Which leaves me with a question - what is the end of the story. I don't know at this point is the answer. I'll just write this bit and then go back to plot bunnying my way around. I haven't really used any plot bunnies yet. Not real ones.

So on with my word counts for this week:

Friday 11th: 0
Saturday 12th: 3560
Sunday 13th: 2683
Monday 14th: 2324
Tuesday 15th: 1256
Wednesday 16th: 848
Thursday 17th: 1008

Week 3 Total: 11679

Grand Total: 23154 words

As you can see I'm a little behind... I should have hit 25000 three days ago... oops!

So it looks like I've got another weekend of catching up to do... not that I actually managed to catch up this weekend... but I did get a little closer.

I have also noticed that I seem to end up wordless on Fridays which is bad for my NaNoWriMo total but good practice for life after NaNo. I mentioned a while back that I had read The Art Of War For Writers by James Scott Bell (great book I think everyone would end up with some advice from it) and he said that you should have a "writing sabbath" - a day when you do not write anything... it would appear that mine has decided itself to be Friday. The only thing is if I chose Friday as my "writing sabbath" I'd have to write these blog posts in advance (can you tell that I don't at the moment?).

So all in all I'm getting there word by word, line by line. My spelling and typing skills are in tatters. I can't even write a simple email at work without it coming out as complete rubbish.

And I may have gone mad as I am considering taking part in something writing related in the New Year - kind of like NaNo. I think it could be good for my writing but at the same time might lead to me having a nervous breakdown. More information to follow - but for a hint check out Sally's blog - Quiller's Place

May the coming week be filled with bursts of inspiration and impressive word counts! 

Monday, 14 November 2011

I Forgot To Mention...

Last week I kept reminding myself to post this video with my Weekly Writing post on Friday... and then completely forgot (I blame NaNoWriMo! I also blame NaNo for my current inability to type and spell).

During last year's NaNo I came across this video. I can't remember who told me about it but I thought I'd share it with this year's NaNo-ers... and anyone else who wants to watch it!


Friday, 11 November 2011

Weekly Writing - Behind on Week Two

Well this week I have done some more for my NaNoWriMo... but I am behind. I'm hoping to get quite a lot done this weekend so hopefully I will close the gap between where I am and where I should be.

So my totals for the 4th to 10th November:

Friday 4th: 0
Saturday 5th: 0
Sunday 6th: 1080
Monday 7th: 1124
Tuesday 8th: 2128
Wednesday 9th: 2047
Thursday 10th: 0

Total For Week Two: 6379

Total: 11475 words

So I'm a bit behind...

And my eagle eyed worshippers followers may have noticed that over on the left side of my blog...

...that I've added a word count widget. So there's no hiding for me now - you'll be able to keep an eye on my total before my Weekly Writing post on Friday!
So hopefully the widget's total will shoot up over the weekend :)

How are my fellow Nano-ers getting on? Or any non-Nano-ers for that matter? What have you all been up to?

Friday, 4 November 2011

Weekly Writing - NaNoWriMo Has Begun!

Well this week has seen me do my first writing, other than a shopping list, since 15th July! Doesn't time fly?

So here are my word counts for this week:

Tuesday 1st: 1702
Wednesday 2nd: 1686
Thursday 3rd: 1708

Total: 5096 words

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am out all day Friday so I am writing this on Thursday night... I'm predicting that I won't get a lot of writing done on Friday. And there is no use you telling me to get up early or to stay up later... I like my sleep too much!

How are my fellow NaNo-ers doing then?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Inspirational Tunes - November

NaNoWriMo is upon us. And I thought for this month's Inspirational Tune I would go with something a little bit menacing. Something that is a little bit foreboding for the mix of terror, stress and fun that is to befall us over the next month.

I give you:

O Fortuna - Carl Orff