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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo Is Up & Running

The site that is - the actual event doesn't start until tomorrow.

If you go to the Camp NaNoWrimo site you can get set up (if you are already a NaNoWriMoer you can use your NaNo user name and password).

I've set up my profile... although I didn't put much on it. Same goes for my novel info - all I did was put down that it is a thriller.

Now this is where I hit a slight snag. Camp NaNoWriMo is split into two sessions - July and August. Now I did have my heart set on doing this during July. However I'm not firing on all cylinders right now. I have a cold. But I can't tell whether it is a mild cold which is on it's way out or a nasty cold that is only just revving up.

So I guess we shall just have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow morning won't we?

Friday, 24 June 2011

Weekly Writing & The MC Blogfest

I'm killing two birds with one stone here and combining my Weekly Writing post with my MC Blogfest post which is taking place today hosted by Elizabeth Mueller.

Well for my weekly writing I haven't really done that much this week... jotted down a few ideas. Thought a bit more about my idea for Camp NaNoWriMo - I'm trying to decide which country to set it in... which ends with me arguing with myself. Yes you read that right arguing with myself. Kind of like this:

Shall I set in the UK or the USA? 

Well I know more about the UK so I could be more accurate... otherwise it'll end up being loads of stuff I've seen on TV.

Yeah but if it is set in the UK then it wouldn't work with the dodgy cop... because UK cops don't carry guns.

He's dodgy... he does illegal stuff... he can have a gun in the UK if he wants...

So anyway back to the blogfest. All you have to do is get one of your MCs to answer three questions, so here goes nothing, from my as yet untitled historical mystery:

 (By the way this interview was conducted before the story takes place... I don't want to give the story away and I think answering these questions after the story would give it away.)

Character: Charlotte

1. What is your greatest fear?

I used to fear that I would be married off and become one of those ladies who flits from tea party to ball, never really doing anything with my life. Now that I'm a little older I can't see that happening. I think my father does too. I want to marry for love. Not money or convenience.

2. What is your biggest accomplishment?

When I was younger and I played a little more boisterously with my brothers I managed to climb the great oak tree that grows on our land. And I climbed it higher than Archie and Jonathan. And even higher than James. I think I gained a little respect from my older brother that day. Our mother was not pleased when she saw me up that tree. She said it wasn't right for a young lady to act in such a way.
It's a silly thing to have as my biggest accomplishment but it is something that I will always remember.

3. What is your biggest regret?

I have little regrets like most people but nothing particularly grand. I suppose... well I suppose that sometimes I regret having been born a girl. Oh I'm sure my father and mother would not agree with me. I'm sure they are delighted to have a daughter. But I feel that had I have been born a boy I would have had the freedom to see the world. To have adventure. I wouldn't waste my youth like James and Archie do, frittering away their time on drink and gambling (Archie likes to emulate our older brother far too much). No I would have gone out in to the world... and seen all it had to offer.
But clearly it was not to be, and I will just have to make the best of it - I will see the world just not as freely as I might have liked.

Thanks Charlotte...

You may have learnt a little about Charlotte but I also learnt some things about her today. They were questions I had never thought to ask...

Well hopefully next week I will have a smidgen more information on Camp NaNoWriMo - some of the details are still a bit fuzzy. Bye for now.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Weekly Writing - This Week I've actually Done Something!

I know shocking isn't it. Rather than just letting these ideas drive round in circles in my head I actually did something about them.

I have more or less written a plan of what I'm going to write if I take part in Camp NaNoWriMo come July. (I say IF when at this stage I think we all know it is more likely to be WILL - I've written a plan for crying out loud!)

I've also been looking at my WIP a bit more this week. I read somewhere that you should do two different revisions on your first draft. The first is going over, and rewriting if necessary (which in my case is a big YES), fixing the story, changing any characters, plot holes, chasing off the plot bunnies that appeared etc.
the second revision should be when you go through and catch any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors etc that have slipped through the net.

But I find that really difficult to do. I try and concentrate on the plot and the actual story but those pesky mistakes (of which there are a lot) just keep jumping up and down, attracting my attention. And my red pen strays towards them.
When I was doing the actual writing for this I switched off the spell and grammar check as otherwise I know the red and green squiggly lines would have driven me mad. I wouldn't have been able to help myself but go back and correct them as I wrote.

So that's how my writing has gone this week - plans and revisions.

I cam across an interesting article on the blog Write Anything on plotting the easy way - Use the LOCK, Luke

And I haven't forgotten that I still need to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award I received some time ago. But it is difficult to decide who to pass it on to. So I'll get back to you with that at some point hopefully in the not too distant future.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I See A Blogfest On The Horizon

Elizabeth Mueller is hosting the MC Blogfest on 24th June. All you have to do is pretend you are one of your MCs and answer three questions:

  1. What is your greatest fear?
  2. What is your biggest accomplishment?
  3. What is your biggest regret?

Now all I have to do is decide whether to answer these questions as my MC before or after the story. Because I think the answers will have changed between those two points.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Weekly Writing - My Brain Works in Mysterious Ways!

So with Camp NaNoWriMo taking place in July I've been thinking about what I will write about.

And I'm thinking that I might just go with the flow... you know write whatever comes in to my head. I foresee many many plot bunnies!

I have also bee ordering books again - aargh! I looked at my wishlist on Amazon the other day and of the 34 (it is now 28) items on there  28 of them were books!

Now One of the books I have ordered, and that should be on it's way to me even as I type, should help my writing. Here's a hint about the title of the book - I'm declaring war on my writing!

When it gets here (there is no point before) I will put it's picture up on here in the place of the Victorian CSI which has been there for some considerable time now. And to be honest I haven't actually picked it up since. But I will DEFINITELY be reading the new one when it arrives... and be delving in to some of the books on characters that I have about the place... to try and make my characters a little bit more 3D.

I think the trouble I've been having with writing short stories lately boils down to the fact that I don't like to start writing a story until I have it all planned out in my head. Whereas with NaNoWriMo last year I knew how it began and ended and the middle just appeared as I went along, with short stories I kind of need to have the whole story there in my head. Which is difficult sometimes to keep it all in there... I will have to try to get out of that habit.

So not too much happening right now but at least I haven't posted late like last week.

Til next week... or if I post before then... bye!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weekly Writing... A Day Late

I should have posted this yesterday but I'm sorry - wine and watching Tom Jane as The Punisher was just too tempting.

Now I'll grant you I haven't done any actual writing this week however I've got ideas whirling around my head and I have discovered that Camp NaNoWriMo will be taking place in July - not too far away.

So the whirling ideas is good - the writing will follow.

And now a couple of writing related links I came across this week that I thought might interest you:

On her blog The Other Side of the Story, Janice Hardy has posted abut some of the most commonly misused words.

And on Elspeth's blog It's a Mystery we have her 10 Signs of an Approaching Deadline.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Inspirational Tunes - June 2011

Well May just flew by didn't it?

I have had to think hard about this month's 'Inspirational Tune'. Not because I couldn't think of a song.

Oh no. I couldn't decide - there were so many. But I came to a decision in the end.

Some of you may recognise this as the theme tune to Being Erica - the inspiration is kind of two fold:

1) the lyrics
2) on the show Erica is an editor/aspiring writer.

All I Ever Wanted To Be - Lily Frost