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Friday, 29 April 2011

Another Escapee Random Thought!

I'm really going to have to do something about these Random Thoughts that keep slipping through from my other blog.

There must be a hole in the fence somewhere - maybe I need to come up with a more secure way to contain my randomness.

Anyway I recently wrote a post about a song that inspires me. And I am now wondering whether it would be a good idea to make that a regular feature - music that has been inspiring me. Maybe not weekly but monthly perhaps.

What do you think?

Monday, 25 April 2011

Now Starring Blogfest!

So the day of the Now Starring Blogfest as hosted by Lindz and her blog Rapturous Randomocity has arrived.

Basically all you have to do is choose 4-6 of your main characters. Then tell us a little bit about them.

And then comes the fun part - tell us which actor or actress would play them in the film version of your book (and don't pretend like you haven't thought about it!) and what it is about that person that made you pick them.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story first - it is a historical mystery set in Victorian England in and around a country estate.

First off I am not going to tell you who would play my heroine - she is my main character and she is top secret - very hush hush. And anyway you learnt enough about her during the Super Snooper Blogfest. And I haven't really decided who would play her - I thought of one actress but she doesn't really seem to fit properly.

I was going to tell you about my detective too - but like my MC, I haven't found anyone who quite fits the bill for him yet (although I suppose Hugo Weaving in The Wolfman comes fairly close).

So anyway I'll stop listing characters that I won't be talking about and get on with the ones that I will be discussing.

The characters I am going to tell you about are: my MC's father, her elder brother, her Aunt (by marriage), and her two cousins (step cousins - if that makes sense... I'll explain later).

1) My MC's father - Samual. He is the head of the house. He is a calm and patient man but does not suffer fools gladly. Slow to anger but get out of the way when he is angry.
With the story being set on and around his estate then it was inevitable that he would appear.
So for the part of Samual I chose...

Donald Sutherland

I chose Donald Sutherland due to his past performances as the head of families - Pride and Prejudice and Dirty Sexy Money spring to mind.

On both of those occasions he has played a character who has an authoritative air about him but is slow to anger (as far as I can remember). Which he needs to be if he has a daughter who runs around the estate solving murders and on occasion acting in an unladylike manner.

2) My MC's elder brother - James. He is a bit of a layabout to be honest. As the eldest son he doesn't see why he should work. He is a bit of a playboy (or the 19th century equivalent). He annoys Samual with his behaviour as Samual was the youngest son amongst his siblings.
So for the part of James I chose...

Jude Law

This decision was based on his performance in Alfie - James is like a 19th century version of Alfie.

3) My MC's Aunt - now I'll be honest my MC's Aunt doesn't officially have a name yet. I haven't found a name that quite fits her. But I know who would play her. She is my MC's Uncle's second wife. And she is a little bit eccentric, a little bit quirky, a little bit odd.
So I knew who would be great to play her as the actress I have in mind is all of the above. I chose...

Helena Bonham Carter

I think that Helena has more than proved that she can play odd. Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd spring to mind.

But she has also proved her acting skills in more serious rolls - The King's Speech for example.

Now my MC's Aunt has two sons from her previous marriage... hence the final two characters being my MC's 'step' cousins.

4) Cousin number 1 - Richard. Richard is the older of the two cousins. I think he is a lawyer... I'm not 100% sure at this stage. He works a lot in London. And he is romantically interested in my MC (and she is interested in him). They may or may not get together - I haven't decided yet.

Now originally I pictured Richard as Daniel Craig. However Richard then morphed in to someone else.
So for the part of Richard I chose...

Rupert Penry-Jones

Things that he has been in that led me to choose Rupert as Richard include: Persuasion, Whitechapel and The 39 Steps.

5) Cousin number 2 - Godfrey. Godfrey is Richard's younger brother. He is a soldier. And without giving too much of the story away he is quite integral to the plot.
It took me ages to actually name him, then it took me even longer to decide on an actor to play him. Then one day I was watching an episode of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett as Holmes (yes there were other Holmes' before Robert Downey Jr). And this actor was in the episode and I decided that he was Godfrey.
So for Godfrey I chose...

James Purefoy

I just felt that he would fit in to the role quite well.

Now this is the point when you all start pointing out that James Purefoy is actually older than Rupert Penry-Jones and Helena Bonham Carter. And that Helena Bonham Carter isn't old enough to be Rupert Penry-Jones' mother either.

But if Angelina Jolie can play Colin Farrell's mother in Alexander then I can have Helena as Rupert and James' mother.

It's my movie and I shall use make-up/CGI to make actors look younger or older if I want to!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Inspirational Tunes - April 2011

I like to listen to music of all types - a bit of this, a bit of that.

There are songs that I like, songs that I love. Then there are the songs that send a chill down my spine. Now this chill usually hits my inspiration nerve which then sparks something in my brain. Then I get an urge to write.

My imagination starts spewing out ideas and snippets of dialogue and I frantically search for something to write on and with (it doesn't seem to matter how many notebooks and pens are in my handbag - when I want them they want to play hide and seek!).

I listen to music on my walk home from work and so a certain inspiration sparking song often appears then. I thought I'd share it with you because unless you are a fan of the artist in question you probably won't have heard it.

Stargazer by Paloma Faith

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Great Edit: What Was I Thinking?

I'm not very far in to the great edit of my first draft - thirteen pages in fact.

But the first page is already in tatters - about two thirds of page one is going to be cut completely. It is almost embarrassing to think that I wrote that!

And the other third is going to be completely rewritten. I've thought of a better way to start.

So with that in mind I have only technically edited twelve pages.

This is going to be a very long job!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Little Update...

The cogs of my imagination are beginning to turn once more.

Ideas are beginning to form in my mind.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Guilty As Charged

Chippy you have been found guilty of not only neglecting your writing blog but also your writing overall.

But your Honour I've been taking part in the A to Z challenge this month, and then there has been work and the clocks going forward...

We don't want to hear your excuses Chippy. 


I should warn you first off that this is a post where I will more or less argue with and justify myself and you will just be there to witness it.
I have been neglecting my writing. I didn't realise at first as I was technically 'writing' for the A to Z blogging challenge on my other blog.

I don't know why but I seemed to lose the will to write for a while. Personally I blame the clocks going forward an hour and the beginning of British Summer Time.

That hour that we lost seems to have been a very very important one, not only did I lose my writing vibe, but all my energy seemed to have been contained within that hour.

My 'get up and go', got up and went, leaving me wandering around like I was on automatic pilot.

A writing related photo to break up the text a bit!
Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed...

I suppose the turning point was when I had edited a short story to try for an anthology... I have realised that basically the story is... rubbish. It's not working it needs a rewrite. And as the anthology in question closes tomorrow night I don't think I quite have the time (or the mindset) to fix it right now. But I've already got one piece in that particular anthology so it's not so bad.

So I'm going to start again. I'm not going to delete my first draft, or burn the hard copy or anything drastic like that. I'm getting serious not going insane!

But it does include me going through all my emails and actually reading the writing tips and articles that I have received. Rather than my usual trick of 'that looks interesting, I'll read it later'. Later being months!

I recently planned on having writing time everyday, but life keeps getting in the way - it's a pain when it does that! I don't think that I'll be able to bring back my 1000 words challenge - not every week anyway, particularly as it was starting to stress me out a little - when the end of the week was fast approaching and I hadn't found an image to inspire me yet.

Anyway this time I WILL set aside writing/research time EVERYDAY. I WILL! And I will go back to posting on my writing blog at least once a week.

I've made the decision to do this on the 1st May - that way the A to Z blogfest is over... and I like having particular start times etc. - the first of the month, the first day of the week. I can't be starting on a Thursday in the middle of the month - I'm weird like that and I'm more likely to stick to the plan if I indulge my mad side once in a while. and I am well aware that we still have three weeks to go until May and that it isn't technically the middle of April...
But if inspiration hits before May then fair enough - the curse will have been broken. I have to make sure I keep writing whether it is from the 1st May or not - I can't really wait until Autumn for the clocks to go back and for my lost hour to return can I?

So the 1st May is the light at the end of the tunnel - so long as the tunnel doesn't get bricked up before I get there I should be fine! :-)