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Friday, 25 November 2011

Weekly Writing - Just A Quick Post

Can't stop long because although I don't usually write on a Friday I am today.

Because I know that if I don't write today I'm really going to struggle to hit 50,000 words by Wednesday - this is the last weekend for NaNoWriMo 2011 - AARGH!!!!!

So word counts:

Friday 18th: 0
Saturday 19th: 2866
Sunday 20th: 2189
Monday 21st: 1815
Tuesday 22nd: 2190
Wednesday 23rd: 1005
Thursday 24th: 2281

Total for week: 12346

Grand Total: 35,500 words

Just 14,500 words to go - I best get on with it!

Bye for now


Angeline said...

You can do it! Just keep going!

Rebecca Bradley said...

Good luck with the end of Nano!

Lee Hughes said...

You don't half put yourself through the mill, this AND doing the 100k one, or maybe I'm just lazy.