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Sunday, 26 September 2010

If She Doesn't Scare You!

I do realise that it has been a while since I posted on here. And that is because I haven't actually done any writing for a while. *smack on back of wrist*
It has been very busy and stressful at work...which resulted in me coming home from work and thinking about work, what I didn't get done that day and what I was going to do the next day. I try really had to think about work when I'm at home, but it was getting a little hectic.
Anyway it is calming down a bit now...not much though!

So today I have written a short piece - only 500 words but it's better than nothing.

Some time ago on my other blog I mentioned that I had been coming up with ideas to write a series of 'reversed' fairy tales. Sort of turning it on it's head and making the good guys bad and the bad guys good. I actually got the idea when my sister showed me some drawings someone had done on Deviant Art. Which is a website where you can post photographs that you have taken [not just random ones of your friends - artistic ones!], paintings, drawings etc. that you've done.

Anyway the series is called Twisted Princess. They depict Disney princesses or heroines in a creepy and menacing kind of way. They are very good.

Anyway back to the point. They inspired me to 'rewrite' stories like this where the roles are switched round. Kind of a 'what if?' sort of thing.

What if Snow White was evil? What if Maleficent wasn't evil?

I have already started a couple - Snow White and The Wizard of Oz [I'm not just sticking to Disney].

So the 500 word piece I have written today is about Cruella De Ville and her how she is trying to 'save' the Dalmatians from Roger and Anita's evil intentions. It has turned out okay.

Granted I think the others I plan on doing will turn out a little better as they will be fantasy stories, whereas 101 Dalmatians is set in the real world, with no magic involved. As well as those that I have mentioned I also have plans to rewrite the following: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. And once I've read through some of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, perhaps a few more.

So in relation to my title, if she doesn't scare you - in my version of events she isn't supposed to!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Having a Very Minor Crisis!

I say 'a very minor crisis' because when you think about it it isn't really that big an issue. But it was to me when it first happened.

But basically my problem is...my laptop battery is dying! Not the actual laptop but the battery.

For the last two days when my laptop has been plugged in it has refused to charge. So after having a slight panic and a frantic interest search for battery prices it occurred to me...all I have to do is keep it plugged in. It's only if I wanted to sit in the middle of a field [unlikely] or something that I would need the battery to be fully charged.

And with the price that new batteries are I think I will leave it plugged in for now.

But considering I've had the laptop for just over two years now and this is the first time I've needed a new battery I think it has done quite well. I have read that the average life of a laptop battery is 1 1/2 years depending on usage. So it has had a good innings really.

(Very Minor) Crisis averted!

PS I'm honestly not that stupid that I didn't realise that plugging the laptop in would solve the problem. I just wasn't sure at the time if a dead battery would mean the laptop itself would die as well.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Random Thought Has Escaped!

This random thought appears to have escaped from my other blog!

But anyway it seems to fit in slightly better over here and it is a genuine question.

I use this blog to keep track of my writing/encourage me to write...so do I include the blog posts I write for my other blog - The Random Thoughts of Chippy?

Obviously I can't include the writing of blog posts on this blog in my writing total. Otherwise I'd just stay on here all day posting about how I've just written what I've just written.

And then that I'd just written that...

and that...



Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No Wonder I Never Heard Anything!

Whilst looking for something earlier I came across a copy of a short story I sent in to a competition when I first started writing about two years ago.

Reading it through again I can completely understand why I never heard anything. It's not the best.

Now it wasn't a final draft but from what I remember the finished piece that was sent out wasn't all that different.

The main thing that leapt out at me was how two dimensional my characters were. Now I know that they were just words printed on a piece of paper but the characters were so two dimensional they could have entered a room by simply sliding under the door!

Hopefully my characters are now a little less...flat?

The End of a Series...But Not My Research

I have just finished making notes on the last episode of Victorian Pharmacy that was recently shown on BBC2. Now granted it was a couple of weeks ago that the series ended but it does take some time to sit, watch, take notes, rewind, rewrite notes where I misheard etc.

But my...I want to say visual research but it sounds strange...my televisual research has not come to an end just yet. I have discovered that the series The Victorians presented by Jeremy Paxman is going to be on the channel Yesterday. It is a channel that I like as I have an interest in the operations of World War II, particularly  D-Day, and because I watch this channel regularly I found out that The Victorians was to be shown.

And to further my research for my historical mystery I am currently reading The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

However it never seems to matter how much research I do, the pile of books I have yet to read on various aspects of Victorian life, police/forensics history and 19th century detective fiction is always bigger than the pile of books that I have read.