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Friday, 15 October 2010

To Post Or Not To Post?

I have always been a little wary about posting my work online. Reasons include the fact that said work may then  be classed as having been published. And some publishers/publications won't take previously published work. The other reason is that I am slightly paranoid that someone will read it, plagiarise it and (presuming it is any good) make money out of it. Although I suppose I could then sue them and make lots of money that way! ;-)

Anyway I was thinking if that is the case maybe I should post some of the fan fiction kind of stories I have written. For instance once I have edited the Wacky Races story I mentioned in my last post, I could post that on here. Or my Cruella De Ville one from the other week.

And that way I can save other stories for possible future publication elsewhere.

And so readers it's over to you - what do you think?


Helen Baggott said...

Difficult - you need to decide for yourself. But perhaps you could write specicially for the Blog, to develop new ideas?

Ellie said...

My advice would be that if there is any chance you want to submit a story for publication don't put it on your blog.

Helen's advice about writing something specifically for your blog is a good idea.

Steven Chapman said...

I feel exactly the same Chipster! I always worry someone will steal my work, I know its silly but I can't help it.
I like the idea of writing a story especially for the blog, you should give that a go :)